Tuesday, August 28, 2007

cry of a soul

kill me not o flesh of mine
the life you have is none but mine

have you ever thuoght of the soul as another living being.residing in your body flourishing as you age and nourishing as you progress in life.strange it is that we dont give any importance to something as vital as this.
can you think of life without your soul.well,tat would be in your grave.when you are burried deep beneath the ground. no use with a body of tat sort coz you cant experience life then.
but even then,we take it for granted that our soul will be with us for as long as we wish.life we think is all under our control.come to think of it,we should be worrying more of this soul than our body coz if you cant take care of your soul,then little help can you do to your body

no medicine,no food,no liquid,no air...God alone knows what keeps it going.a day it would be if we can know the secrets of our soul.for then truly we would have mastered to perfection.

but up until then,we are no more than slaves
to this thing of ours which we call as soul

punish me not for i've done no crime
all sins are yours but sufferth only me
my only guilt is of giving you life
how unjust,how cruel
how evil , how sad


princy said...

This is the one that actually touched my heart......The name "cry of a soul" is the best name to describe it.......Wonderful thought......

A New Beginning said...

A beautiful post thanks!

Rush said...

beautifully wriiten..loved reading it

Rakesh Vanamali said...

I certainly know that my physical self is only a layer that will one day wear off to cast its occupant into another realm!

Good post!

Jim said...

Very well written .. of course the question that we are often asked is whether the "I" that we identify with is the transient physical body or the real "I" is the supposedly everlasting soul. Or is the "I" really what called the ego-consciousness of the mind? The answer perhaps needs to be experienced for oneself :)